The Patented TOZZI Peptide Injectable is “The Missing Link” in the chain of Anti-Aging Modalities currently in the Aesthetic Industry. This ALL Natural Peptide Injectable represents a unique opportunity to provide Nutrition For The Skin through Peptide Technology and Super Antioxidants in a Preservative Free Formula. Peptide Technology has moved to the Forefront of Anti-Aging/Skincare.Now The TOZZI Peptide Injectable with Camosine, a Dipeptide that drives the sequence of 6 additional Amino Acids, DMAE, Glucosamine, plus Pyridoxine (B6) stimulates Fibroblast Cells to Naturally Fuel Collagen and Elastin that Create Dermal Density. The TOZZI Peptide Injectable Treats the Total Face, Neck, Cleavage, Décolleté and Back of Hands. This Complements and Creates ‘ The Foundation’ for Aesthetic Procedures.

As The Market for Anti-Aging Products has been rapidly expanding, the Consumer is gravitating towards ALL Natural, Organic Choices that promote Health and Wellness. Our Industry Changing Patented TOZZI Peptide Injectable is the ONLY Injectable with All Natural Components that Provide Nutrition For The Skin. While the benefits of Amino Acids/Peptides have been well established, “THE MYSTERY OF DELIVERY” has now been solved through the Introduction of The TOZZI PEPTIDE INJECTABLE.




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By Steven Paul Crystal, Its Chief Operating Officer
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